New partnership to develop hybrid battery energy storage systems in the UK.

We are pleased to announce the exclusive collaboration with Swedish LTO battery systems expert Echandia Marine AB and Landmark Power Holding (LMPH)  to develop, build and operate new land-based hybrid battery energy storage systems in the UK.

Echandia provides zero-emission solutions for heavy-duty applications, by delivering the market-leading LTO battery systems and fuel cell solutions, mainly to the maritime market including passenger vessels, ferries, energy and offshore, navy, and tug- and workboats.

The LTO battery technology is proprietary and has a superior performance and durability to Lithium-Ion technology and is demonstrated to also be a safer solution for energy storage.

As the first milestone in our partnership LMPH intends to Integrate the technology on our FLEXPOWER PLUS® site In Peterlee, County Durham where the batteries will be charged using on-site generation and discharged as and when required.

The parties are already in discussions with packaging engineering companies regarding the design and manufacture of the onshore version of the battery system.

“I am excited about our collaboration with Landmark. They are pioneers in net zero dispatchable power generation with their cutting-edge solutions. This partnership also marks Echandia’s initial entry into land applications, and I am confident that our safe and long-lasting battery systems will ensure a prosperous onshore business venture”

 Fredrik Hellström, CEO at Echandia Marin AB.


“I am very enthusiastic about our partnership with Echandia. They are the market leader in LTO batteries, and we firmly believe this technology represents the future in battery energy storage. This more efficient, durable, and safe technology perfectly complements our FLEXPOWER PLUS® energy solutions and aligns with LMPH’s circular economy approach to energy.”

Mick Avison, founder and managing director of Landmark Power Holdings



Notes to editors.

Landmark Power Holdings

UK-based electricity generation and carbon capture company, Landmark Power Holdings Ltd. is a specialised developer and operator of decarbonised power plants under their FLEXPOWER PLUS® concept, and the owner of these unique plant designs.

Landmark Power Holdings (LMPH) supports the energy transition by using a combination of conventional technologies to produce clean, flexible and distributed power. Their plants contribute to the circular economy by improving efficiency and treating all waste products as potential resources.


Echandia Marine AB

Echandia Group AB (publ) is a public, unlisted company registered in Solna Sweden.

Echandia Marine AB is at the forefront of providing energy storage solutions for heavy-duty applications, with a primary focus on the maritime industry. Specializing in LTO (Lithium Titanium Oxide) cell chemistry, their battery systems offer inherent safety features, such as resistance to dendrite build-up and minimal volume changes during charge and discharge.

Their cutting-edge technology makes them a reliable choice for a diverse range of applications, including commercial maritime vessels, heavy trucks, and construction machinery.