LMPH Press Release. New strategic partnership between LMPH & AHT

PRESS RELEASE May 16th 2023

LMPH & AHT, a new strategic partnership to develop clean alternative fuels and flexible dependable power to the UK national grid. 


 A.H.T. Syngas Technology N.V. (AHT, ISIN: NL0010872388) and Landmark Power Holdings Limited (LMPH) have formed a strategic partnership to develop clean technology projects in the UK.

LMPH develops, constructs, and operates projects under their FLEXPOWER PLUS® concept in the UK. Their projects produce food-grade carbon dioxide and export flexible power to the grid.

AHT is a publicly traded, cleantec company with three decades of engineering expertise and strong technology partners. They supply modular gasification technology on a global basis. Their technology converts solid biogenic feedstock to synthetic gas that can then be used in boilers and combustion engines.

More specifically, AHT has developed technology to extract hydrogen from syngas and the partnership between LMPH and AHT intends to commercialise this process.

“This partnership is a natural step for LMPH to achieve its objective to provide clean alternative fuels and flexible dependable power to the UK national grid system. Several locations are under consideration in the UK to construct the first project.

Green Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide can be combined to produce eMethanol, an alternative fuel for aviation and marine transport”.

Mick Avison, founder and managing director of Landmark Power Holdings


Notes to editors

Landmark Power Holdings

UK based electricity generation and carbon capture company, Landmark Power Holdings Ltd. is a specialised developer and operator of decarbonised power plants under their FLEXPOWER PLUS® concept, and the owner of these unique plant designs.

Landmark Power Holdings (LMPH) supports the energy transition by using a combination of conventional technologies to produce clean, flexible and distributed power. Their plants contribute to the circular economy by improving efficiency and treating all waste products as potential resources.



AHT CleanTec

AHT is a publicly traded company that designs and installs CleanTec systems which generate electricity, heat, and basic chemical substances from biogenic residues.

AHT biomass power plants enable decentralized energy and raw material production directly at agricultural, industrial, or municipal sites, supplying them with affordable green energy. They can provide their customers with a customized plant and process chain that does not release CO2 or heat into the environment.

AHT works with universities and research institutes to continuously develop their technologies.

Startseite – AHT CleanTec (aht-cleantec.com)